Mt. Royal Tavern Show on April 6

I'm excited about my first solo showing of work in ages this Thursday, April 6, at the Mt. Royal Tavern.  The wait list for the Tavern is somewhere upwards of 5 years, so I was 33 when I signed up.  The work in the show represents my larger figurative paintings that are more main obsession and focus as a contemporary artist.  People may be familiar with my still life paintings or landscapes, but studies are always a means of sharpening my paint handling.  My past interests in electron microscopy has led me to examine the human figure(s) in isolated environments as they shift under pressure.  The paintings are all on the largish side, which has kept me from showing in smaller shows recently.  The Mt. Royal Tavern is located at 1204 Mt. Royal Avenue in Baltimore.  As a staple in the artist corridor of the city, the Tavern is "The Cedar Tavern" of Baltimore.  If you haven't been before, and you like nice spiffy places, you might want to bring handi-wipes.  The opening starts around 5 ish, and I hope to make gumbo for the event.